Creating better health is the gateway to carrying less weight.

What if you made a change so simple, delicious and good for you that your body was never the same?

You Can Live in a Body You Love.

Thousands of patients and followers have lost weight with this program and you can too!

25 years experience as an MD—creating safe and effective weight loss; no fads, no gimmicks!

The biggest, most delicious variety of foods, with menu and recipe options for everyone.

This program, designed by a doctor, walks you through a simple process that can literally give you back your health and life …

Rediscover the gorgeous you, from the inside out.

Why do we need this?

Aren’t you tired of NOT succeeding?

Aren’t you DONE with weight loss plans that leave you hungry, exhausted and feeling like a failure?

The program is broken into 6 main sections – built around simple strategies you can easily achieve & implement in your life.

Creating better health is the gateway to carrying less weight.

This program will help you lose weight slowly and steadily. It works on the simplest principle: Increasing healthy foods, like whole grains and beans, fruits and vegetables and teaching you to decrease unhealthy, toxic foods.

It offers a proven process that will keep you on a positive track for life! This is real change, made over a real time table, with no back sliding.

THIS is an integrated approach to weight and healing your body. 
That means you will change how you eat, live AND how you think about your body and even process stress. Everything.

What You Can Expect

  • Simple Videos for each Section.
  • Cheat Sheets to make it SIMPLE to integrate.
  • Meal Plans, Recipes, Grocery Lists
  • An education about protein, toxins and carbohydrates and energy!

And if you need more support, you can uplevel and have live Q&A’s and Coaching Calls … This is not DIY – If you need it, you can do this with real SUPPORT 🙂

Remember, this is NOT just about weight loss, this program is about rebuilding HEALTH while releasing weight.

When it comes to health and nutrition, sometimes all we have are questions.

  • Like how can I QUICKLY turn my health around? 

  • Or if there were ONE thing I could change about the food I eat, what would it be – and would it matter? 

  • You are what you eat –and if you are like SO many people, that means you’re unintentionally eating toxins and becoming a body that is filled with inflammation.

THIS is where you begin to make a shift that carries you forward 
with JOY in every bite.

Check out the Success Stories!


Stephanie is a single mom with a one-year-old, but has still managed to find great success with the program. She lost over 16 pounds in less than two months, and had awesome side effects to keep her inspired – like her skin glowed and became vibrant. Her joy and mood improved and she has noticed a domino effect of positivity, making weight loss easier and motivating.


The numbers don’t lie:

  • Total cholesterol went from 192 to 172.
  • HDL went from 39 to 88!
  • LDL went from 94 to 88!
  • Triglycerides went from a troubling 193 to a very healthy 81!!!
  • And 30 pounds lost – and still going!


Pam recently celebrated a 35 pound weight loss, eliminated several medications, and completed her first 5K ever! Congratulations Pam!


“I’ve lost 30 pounds on the program, and couldn’t be happier! Because I told my husband I wasn’t going to cook separate meals, he ended up reaping the benefits too. He’s off all his cholesterol and diabetes medication and has lost 50 pounds! He’s doing great and his cardiologist says he’s a model patient. Thank you so much!”

Just Imagine…

…With the powerful new info in this program you can create a new relationship with your body and begin to feel GREAT from the first moment you wake up every day.

Are you ready to discover how to take control of your nutrition, end things like joint pain and inflammation and heal your body? (oh, and look great again?)

Then invest in and hit restart on your life

– discover tons of energy to keep you inspired –

and take back your body and your health.
You do NOT have to struggle any more. That is your past.
THIS is your future. Starting right now.

About Dr. Mary Clifton

Dr. Mary Clifton practices Internal Medicine and has seen thousands of patients.

Several years ago, she was forced to examine her lifestyle when she was diagnosed with prediabetes and elevated cholesterol, despite exercising vigorously and being at ideal body weight.

With just a few simple changes to her diet, Dr. Mary’s blood sugar returned to normal and has stayed there for seven years. She also shaved 70 points off her cholesterol. Since making these changes for herself, she has created several powerful weight loss programs and helped thousands of others get healthier and stronger by changing their diet and lifestyle.

In this process, Dr. Clifton had always wished for (and ultimately built) a better program – one with online and community support – to help her patients remain engaged to create the healthy changes they needed to live better and healthier lives. She has invested thousands of hours on this program, so it would be fun and easy to stick with, and give back to her community and patients at every possible turn.

This is a REAL program, created by a real doctor. Creating better health is the gateway to carrying less weight.